Barnabas and Carolyn: Career Day


"Why does he have to sing again?" Carolyn muttered to herself, hoping that people would look past her strange uncle. Recalling what had happened last time he had performed the song to her dismay, she rapidly ran over to the window almost knocking her chair over in the process to close the curtains. If students saw Barnabas burn in the sunlight, the rumours that Carolyn originally believed could not get any worse definitely would. "Stay away from the window, Barnaweird. I know how you’re allergic to the…sun." She said awkwardly, her face turning red from all of the students staring at her. "Our cannery’s pretty lame, but at least it’s not run by a hooker." She explained, referring to Angel Bay.

He was pleasantly surprised by Carolyn, believing that she had closed the curtains out of kindness for him and because she was concerned about his secret getting out. “Of course, thank you, Carolyn.” He was uncertain of what exactly she had been speaking about, but it seemed like she was also defending the business. Her blushing made it obvious that she was feeling embarrassed, so Barnabas decided to try and take some of the attention off of her. “That is right. Our company is run by professional and experienced individuals who have their customer’s best interests in mind. The witch in charge of Angel Bay, however, should not be trusted.”

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"you’re not the first person to ask this this, strangley enough." iracebeth said, a smile pulling at her lips. "But I have no idea where that place is, unfortunately." clearing her throat she glanced down before looking back up at him after noticing how off put he was by her appearance. she had gotten quite good at ignoring peoples stares.

He knew he should not have wondered so far away from his beloved Collinwood. Not only was he lost, but he also felt very uncomfortable due to the excruciating sunlight. “Ah, well, I thank you for your time.” He turned as if to leave, but then he suddenly changed his mind and faced the woman again, frowning. “I must inquire, is there anywhere near I may go to escape this unbearable heat? I feel as though I may burst into flames at any given moment.”

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Oh my gosh. Nearly two years in and I’ve finally hit the jackpot! It might not be as impressive an achievement as those OCs that gain two hundred followers in two days or three thousand followers in three months, but I’m so immensely grateful all the same. Two years ago, I never could have imagined that so many of you would take interest in a bratty little sailor ripped three hundred years away from home. Over time, I’ve made so many friendships, some of them lasting, and some of them cemented (hopefully!) for life. That’s the beauty of it—sure, I have fun roleplaying, but I value meeting unique and unforgettable people just as much, if not more.

All the names are in alphabetical order. Bolded are the people who I’ve bonded with both IC and OOC; if they weren’t around, I probably wouldn’t stay on tumblr. Italicized are the people who have made an indelible mark on Una; not only are they good writers, but they’ve contributed in some way to make Una the woman she is today. Names without formatting are people I love having on my dash and whole-heartedly recommend you follow!

Thank you, everyone, for making tumblr such a wonderful place to hang out.

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Stranger in the Castle: Babette and Barnabas


It was truly a miracle that the curse had finally been broken, and the beautiful maid had never believed that she would one day lose the ability that her arms gave her. Dusting the book shelves in the library with a bounce in her step and humming underneath her breath, she knew now to never take the littlest things for granted again. Hearing footsteps behind her, she turned around to come face to face with a dark and mysterious man.

Having the idea to make Lumiere jealous, she put on a very charming smile and sashayed up to him. “Bonjour Monsieur, I see you are lost. If you were looking for a young, beautiful maid then I believe you have found her.”

Barnabas convinced one of the other servants to let him into the castle after becoming very lost in an unfamiliar town. It reminded him of Collinwood and he assumed that someone important who could help him must reside in the palace, but first it would not hurt to explore a little. When he entered the library, both the beauty and forwardness of the woman surprised Barnabas. She reminded him of Angelique in that way. He smiled faintly as he shook his head. Despite her good looks and apparent charm, the last time he began flirting with an attractive maid it ended very badly and he really did need to return to his beloved home. “I would hate to disappoint you, madam, and I am lost, but I have come seeking nothing more than directions. Certainly you have heard of a town that goes by the name of Collinsport?

The Season of the Witch [Closed]


She smiled up at him nervously. “Thank you,…” Bri took his hand and allowed him to ease her to her feet. Bri’s emerald hues darted to her hand in his. It was freezing. Yes, now her suspicions had to be true. There was no way a living being could be so cold. Literally. Looking up to him, she blushed, fumbling over herself in hopes of thinking up something intelligent to reply. 

"Y-Yes. Thank you so much. I’d really appreciate it,… I wouldn’t know where to go or how to get back if left to my own devices." She laughed softly and looked to the ground. It was true, however. If she were left to take care of herself it was likely she’d do something and get herself hurt. Not intentionally, she was just clumsy. The young woman followed after Barnabas, looking up to him with a small smile. She might as well act like she was comfortable, even if she were nervous beyond belief.

The brunette looked around the main room again then paused to gaze at his picture above the fireplace. She hadn’t ever seen such a lovely picture in her life. He looked like every regal gentleman she’d ever read about in her history books. Tall and proud with a kindness in his eyes. She glanced up at the male at her side and smiled. “I like this picture the most. If that’s not rude of me to say, of course. It’s a very beautiful likeness.” Folding her hands behind her back, she continued to admire the home, biting her lower lip. “I guess you figured I’m not from around here, huh?” 

"You are welcome," he said with a nod. He released her hand and then began to take a few steps further into the manor. It was pleasant to have a visitor, someone to entertain for a short period of time. In his century, his family had guests stay once in awhile and they also held extravagant balls, where they would invite the townspeople of Collinsport to gain their support. Times certainly had changed. With such a small family and only the very rare guest, a place such as Collinwood could become lonesome.

A hand placed on his hip, he posed similarly to how he was standing in his portrait. “Ah, yes. Uncanny, is it not? It was worth every hour I spent posing.” He admired it for a brief moment, before he walked up to another one of the many portraits in the room. “This is the one I am most fond of, but I must admit that it never did do her beauty justice.” He stared up at the painting of his dear Josette. It still shocked and amazed him whenever he thought about the strong resemblance between her and Victoria Winters. It took him another minute to tear his eyes away from Josette’s and turn back to his guest.

"Heavens, do forgive my horrid manners. I have yet to even introduce myself. I am Barnabas Collins." He felt terribly impolite for taking that long to tell the woman his name and ask for hers in return. After he bowed, he stood up straight once again. "And what is your name, if I may ask?"

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Make me choose between:

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I’ll kill you if you cross me; I might kill you anyway.
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Angelique&Barnabas. *-Candle on the Water-*


Angelique shook her head slowly as he tried to come up with a reason as to why she should have told him. She knew his inheritance meant more to him than she ever did, and for that reason she didn’t.

“I should have told you…and what? What would you have done?” she asked pointedly, practically reading his own thoughts, she wasn’t stupid and knew nothing would have been done. “You would have confronted your Father about it? Told him he was wrong for what he had done?” she asked raising her eyebrow.

“No. You wouldn’t have done anything, because it would have been brushed under the carpet like everything else. The thing is you knew…you knew something had happened. If you truly cared, you would have gotten to the bottom of it. I mean how do you develop handprint bruises from tripping over?” she asked pointedly. She knew he couldn’t come up with an answer, and instead of anger and bitterness she almost felt relief, it felt good to tell him what she actually thought of him, and more to the point why would she ever have wanted a man who would not defend her if something like that arose, especially from his own flesh and blood.

“The thing is Barnabas, you cared more for your wealth than you did for me, and that is fine. It was…two centuries ago now. But you were the only person who gave me any shred of hope, who made me think I was better than what society had labelled me as.” She explained. “We both know, you had told me you loved me before, except the time I asked to hear it you were already ready to marry Josette, you just neglected to inform me of it.” She told him, not ready to stop yet.

“What your Father did to me was brutal, and undeserved. And I would not be able to forgive or forget that.” She explained. “But you are just as bad. And in some ways worse. You knew I loved you, and how much I needed you yet you turned your back. Your Father told me I was damaged goods, but you were the person who made me feel it. Now I’ve done some terrible things and I know it, and a lot of it I’m not proud of…but you are going to have to live with what you did…and didn’t do for the rest of your life, and you will suffer, just as I do. A punishment fit for a crime.” She told him, and she had meant it more than anything. She did not want to be at constant battle with him or his family anymore. She was superior in so many ways and especially in consideration to what she was beforehand.

“You wanted a truce Barnabas, so be it. I will not strive to destroy you anymore, you are free to love Victoria, free to sit in your beloved Collinwood, free to try and build up your cannery…but you will have to live with what you heard tonight, and maybe I should have just said that in the beginning, because that sort of guilt will never go away.” She replied. She was fully right too, he had used her and whilst he had not forced himself upon her like his Father had, he had willingly taken her innocence, willingly told her all the things she wanted to hear, whilst fully well thinking she was just something to pass the time.

Her words were all true, he knew that, and if he wanted to, he could hardly deny them or attempt to talk his way out of it. Of course that did not mean he may not try. It was hardly even a relief to hear her say that she would agree to a truce. Did she really mean it? He was uncertain. It was difficult to believe such a claim from her, but she was right earlier when she said that she had never lied to him and it was unlikely that she would suddenly begin to after this long. Mostly, he was still bothered and saddened by the news about what happened with his father that fateful night. He knew it would take a very long time to be able to put that to the back of his mind. It was something so horrid and shocking that it would stay in his thoughts for quite awhile, which he supposed was what she wanted. She wanted him to feel the guilt and the pain of it all, and he was not sure that he could blame her for it.

"If what you say is true, my father deserves whatever punishment has been inflicted upon him in Hell." That was a bit difficult for him to say. "Regardless… Everything you have done, the murders, the witchcraft and curses, keeping me locked within that box… It is still inexcusable. I am well aware that you shall never forgive me for how I mistreated you during our time together and likewise, I will not be forgiving of that." He paused. "But, the time to end this centurylong quarrel between us has come and so, if you swear on everything you hold dear that your tricks and schemes to hurt my family will stop, I am willing to be civil with you."

With some uncertainty, he held his right hand out for her to shake. “Do we have an agreement? And I hope and pray, Angelique, that I will not come to regret this decision.” He did not know whether or not she would stay true to the promise, but it was not as though they had any other options. It was either they try to move on with their lives, or they continue to make each other miserable. He was exhausted from the constant battle with her that seemed to be never ending and by this time, she was probably feeling the same. Every time they fought, it rarely ended well for either of them and someone ended up getting hurt.

Barnabas considered also asking her to cure him of his vampirism if possible and his few other plagued family members of their curses, but in the past, she refused this request and it just sparked another disagreement. He decided this time to take things slowly. Now they would form a truce and perhaps in the near future he would come by her Angel Bay office to ask for that.

The Season of the Witch [Closed]


She nodded, absorbing every amount of information she could. “Yes that’d be nice, please.” She sniffed and smiled up at the other, tucking a stray curl behind her ear. Horses? Of course not! Who would be riding around on a horse in 1972? Once the man walked indoors, she followed, albeit hesitantly, but, she followed nonetheless. Glancing around her surroundings, her eyes went as wide as before, taking in the grandeur of the estate. “It’s so beautiful.” She murmured. Had she been watching where she was going maybe she wouldn’t have bumped into Barnabas. 

"O-Oops. S-Sorry." She stammered, stepping a good three feet away from him. Her clumsy nature would get the best of her. Suddenly coming to the realization that taking her into town would do no good, the young female twirled and glanced up at him again. "Oh gosh, I-I’m afraid it wouldn’t do any good I-,…" She bit her lip and looked down. "I-I don’t have any money on me. I’m sorry." She felt as if she were being a terrible bother and immediately backed a few steps towards the door.

Running a hand back through her chocolate curls, the demigoddess glanced around and bit her lip. “I really,… Um, if I’m being a bother I can go. I’m so sorry. I just,… Th-This was the nearest house and I couldn’t find any others. God I’m so sorry,…” Bri stumbled backwards over the steps and landed on her rear with an OOF!

"Ouch." She grumbled. Bri was definitely not the most graceful of demigoddesses. Every attempt Loki made at making her more so were in vain. Poor thing, her nickname at home was the ‘Little Awkward Ducky that Could’. Or couldn’t. Depending on her ability to get anything done on that particular day in question. The young woman sat on the steps, shaking her head and rubbing her lower back. 


Barnabas led the way into the manor and did not pay much attention to what she was doing, assuming that she was following him. A very faint smile came across his lips at her compliment. It really was beautiful and he was very proud to live in such a place. Spending such a long time away from home caused him to really appreciate it.

"Indeed, they do not make manors such as this one any-" He stopped mid-sentence, turning to face the woman when she bumped into him. He was about to tell her that it was alright, but she spoke first and he watched as she nervously stumbled backwards, raising an eyebrow at the scene. Before he knew it, she had fallen on her bottom and was sitting on the floor. Her clumsiness was slightly amusing, but he did not want to make her feel embarrassed by chuckling or making any comments about it. It would not be a very gentlemanly way to treat his guest and it was not as though Collinwood had very many people visiting anymore.

Instead, he took a few steps towards her and bent down, offering her his hand. “Do not apologize. There is no need for it and you are not a bother in the slightest. Are you alright?” He asked as he helped her up. “Along with myself, only my small family and several others who work for the family reside here. There are plenty of extra bedrooms if you wish to stay for the night. I will have the servant make one up for you.” From what he had just witnessed, it was doubtful that she would make it very far without injuring herself again and Willie was quite drunk. It may not be the best idea to have him drive her into town.

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whatanagethisis has stumbled into the castle


Cogsworth nearly fell off the table. How could he possibly know that they were cursed? And now that he had Lumiere in his hands, that damned candle was going to ruin everything. Sure enough, Lumiere grinned at Cogsworth before saying very casually, “Bonjour, Monsieur.” 

His eyes went very wide when the candle greeted him. “Witchcraft,” Barnabas hissed as he quickly placing it, or rather him, back onto the table. That was the only explanation for these inanimate objects that appeared to be living. In his time he had seen many strange things, but never anything such as this before. He stood up straighter and glanced around the darkened castle. “Are there others of your kind?”

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"Oh stop making that awful noise!"

To his surprise, Barnabas had grown fond of many songs from this modern time. He sat alone at the dining room table one night as he sang along quietly and tapped his foot to “Top of the World”, by the Carpenters, believing that everyone else in the manor had gone to sleep. He was proven wrong when he heard a voice, telling him to stop making an awful noise. To hide any embarrassment he was feeling, he raised his chin and confidently said, “I shall do what I wish in my own house.”

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  • "Give it back, or there’ll be hell to pay."
  • "Where did you hide it?!"
  • "For god’s sakes, turn it down!"
  • "Stop making that awful noise!"
  • "If you don’t shut up, I’ll make you!"
  • "What are you laughing at?!"
  • "Do you even know what you’ve done?!"
  • "You’re going to regret that."
  • "I’m going to get you for that."