Julia put on a fake smile and turned her head slightly to face the other direction. Her smile vanishing.

She couldn’t stand ‘Vicky’. There was someone off and odd about her. She came here with barely any story to tell. Nothing about her childhood, or most of her whereabouts. She was quiet, and sneaky. She was defiantly hiding something.

She turned back to face Barnabas, “Oh. Thats just wonderful,” she took another drink. Barnabas was a talker, but of course his talk is always about, “becoming human,” or, “my precious Victoria.”

Julia hated that.

It was obvious to Barnabas that she was not being sincere and he knew why. Perhaps he should not have even been speaking to her about Victoria after the learning experience that was doctor patient confidentiality, but he spoke to Julia about everything. She knew all of his secrets and that included all that happened in his past. It would be difficult to keep such things from her and besides, he needed somebody to talk to.

“Is there something bothering you, Doctor Hoffman?” For a change, he asked her the question, as if he was oblivious to what could be wrong. He was only trying to be polite by asking.

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Dark Shadows celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2016

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I am a vampire, madam. But I am also a Collins, and I swear by all I hold sacred I will not harm anyone under this roof.

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I can tell, you know. Just from a person`s face. Yours says…

Secrets in the Passages: Carolyn and Barnabas


Following her Uncle Barnabas down the steps, she was worried about tripping but still kept to herself. She was not going to allow Barnabas to hold her hand and guide her as if she were a child. 

"Why would I wanna tell anyone? Anyone who’s wanted to become rich left the town when they got the chance to. You can’t get any cash around here, ‘cause the town’s really unpopulated. I doubt anyone even wants to enter this stupid house. People think it’s haunted."

Hearing the mouse, Carolyn gasped and moved away, hoping that the rodent would leave them alone. “Does my mother know about this? If she did, we would have been able to get more television channels by selling some of this stuff.”

He peered back at her, shaking his head. “We must not wastefully spend our riches on foolish little things. We shall invest it into the family business, of course! It is the only way to regain our fortune and former success,” he explained, as they made their way to the backroom of the secret passageway.

"Ah… Have you ever seen such majesty?" He proudly admired the valuable assets that filled the room, such as jewelry and old fashioned ornaments.

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If I ever post a starter, and it’s tagged ‘open rp’ you are allowed to respond to it. I don’t care if you’ve never spoken to me before. I don’t care if you’ve just followed me. I don’t care if you somehow find it when you’re not following me. I don’t care if anyone else is tagged in it. If ‘open rp’ is included in the tags, you are allowed - and wholeheartedly encouraged - to respond to it. That is all.


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× Dark Shadows

╚ Barnabas Collins & Victoria Winters/Josette du Pres

a questionaire for role players



  • how long have you role played for: Over two years.
  • your first rp genre: Whichever genre Dark Shadows is lol.
  • first character’s name: Barnabas was my first character actually.
  • first character’s face claim: Johnny Depp
  • first character’s species: Vampire
  • last character’s name: Thénardier
  • last character’s face claim: Sacha Baron Cohen
  • last character’s species: Human
  • do you prefer tumblr or forums: Tumblr
  • have you roleplayed with someone you know irl: Yes
  • what is your favourite genre of rp: I don’t really have a preference.
  • what is your least favourite genre of rp: Really unnecessary AU roleplays that don’t really make too much sense for the character. (I’m keeping what theythrowhappenings said haha)
  • if you could change one thing about the rp community, what would it be:  Some people could be a bit nicer, I suppose.
  • how long has a plot lasted for you:  About a few months, I think.
  • are you open for plotting: Definitely!
  • do you have any restrictions when it comes to plots:  Nothing too gory or smut.
  • what fc are you craving to play as of late:  Helena Bonham Carter

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((Hello everyone! I apologize for not being online in awhile. I was having some computer trouble again. I will try to get to all of my replies soon and if anyone would like to start a thread, feel free to send me a message!))

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Michelle Pfeiffer in Dark Shadows

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