Michelle Pfeiffer in Dark Shadows

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Angelique and Barnabas- Damaged Goods-


She smiled as he looked over the gifts, knowing he was being a gentleman, and she wanted to tell him it had cost her no money, but then he would think she was a thief. She wasn’t, because the cufflinks were still in the window, she had merely produced a copy in her mind and they had materialised before her. She used to fear what she could do magically, and she used to think it made her a freak. Things were different now though and she wanted to learn more about the power she had and learn how to use it to her advantage. Life had been unkind to her, but had given her such a gift she couldn’t help but think it perhaps compensated for the other things she didn’t have.

She smiled and touched his hand gently, closing his palm with the cuff links tucked inside them. “I do not want compensation for them Barnabas, it was the first time I had ever purchased a gift and I’m glad it was you.” She told him, mirroring the words she had so many times before. When he had first kissed her lips, first told her he loved her, first taken her to bed. He was her first everything and he would never be replaced by anybody as far as she was concerned.

She wasn’t stupid, and she knew that his parents were fiercely pressuring him into marriage, and Joshua had already told her so, making her feel even worse about herself, but as far as she was concerned she didn’t think that he would ever betray her like that, simply because he knew how much she loved him in return, and to do that would destroy her.

Despite her reassurance, Barnabas still felt a little guilty for accepting the gift. Yet, he decided to graciously take it and make it up to her as soon as he possibly could. He would buy her something nice, something that she could get a lot of use out of. A new pair of shoes would do her well and surely no one would notice. The next chance he had, he would purchase a pair that were practical. In the meantime, he could make it up to her in other ways.

"Angelique, my dear, how shall I ever repay the favor?" He had a mischievous smile on his face as he took another step closer to her. He placed the gift in his vest pocket and then placed his hands lightly on her waist. He was still aware of the fact that they were in the middle of the library, which was far from private, but that did not prevent him from stealing yet another kiss. This time the kiss was more passionate and it lasted for just a bit longer, though in the back of his mind he was still very aware of their risky and complicated situation.

Victoria and Barnabas


First her mother and father, now Barnabas. Everyone had left her, and it seemed like the odds would never be in the favor of the young troubled governess. She could not believe the sight she had viewed, how he barely acknowledged the flames. It was frightening and confusing, her first instinct was to run.

Approaching her bedroom, she took in a deep breath and shut the door, ignoring Barnabas’ calls. Who was she to speak to? Elizabeth had went to comfort David, and Carolyn…Victoria knew that Carolyn tried her best to warn her about the strangeness of Barnabas. Still, she did not listen.

"Please leave me alone! Are you even human?" She cried, instantly regretting it. Vicky knew that the family was full of secrets, even she could talk to ghosts. Barnabas being a creature of some sort would only be more terrifying for her.


There was a long hesitation. He never wanted her to find out this way and especially not so soon. He was not ready to tell her, but he did not have any other options. He could not continue to lie and keep secrets from her. It was not right.

Barnabas was waiting right outside her bedroom, his hand placed on the doorknob. He did not let himself in, because that would be inconsiderate and if she did not want to see him, he would have to respect that. As difficult as it was, perhaps he just needed to give her time. Rushing her certainly would not help with the situation.

"Open the door and we will discuss this. You deserve an explanation," he said in a soft tone, trying to avoid the dreaded question for just a little longer. "Please, my love. You have nothing to fear."

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Secrets in the Passages: Carolyn and Barnabas


Carolyn listened to her distant uncle, something that she rarely did. Secrets were a topic that was very common in her family and she was not enthused to have to keep another one. It was not as though she would speak of the passage way to another, the lonely teenager did not have any friends and barely left her bedroom.

“What kinda secrets? I hate how our family has a bunch of them. It sucks.” She grimaced, peering into the darkness. It was hard to believe that there was something hidden down those stairs, something in Collinsport that for once, the teenager had not seen before.

“By treasures do you mean weird fancy cups and bracelets? We could just go up to the thrift store outside of town and get a bunch of them for under five bucks.” Even if it did not seem too intriguing, Carolyn was still interested in what laid at the end of the steps. “If you want, I guess we could go down there. I can’t fall asleep.”

"Certainly not. By treasure I mean valuable jewelry from a time long ago, silver, gold… There is a small fortune just beneath our feet. If the wrong person knows this information, you can imagine what a thief may resort to." He turned back to the secret passageway.

"There are many hidden passages in the manor. I took it upon myself to discover each and everyone." He made his way down the stairs without looking over his shoulder to check that she was following. It was quite dark, but he was used to the darkness. He forgot that Carolyn may have a difficult time seeing.

After he stepped down from the final stair, a mouse scurried out of the way, squeaking as it fled. “This one has remained a secret for many years and it will continue to stay a secret. You must not tell a soul,” he told her sternly.


Julia gulped, and looked down at the table. She didn’t want to lie to him. Or hurt him, in anyway possible. But, she didn’t want to be killed either.
Julia took in a deep breath, “So,” she said trying to get on a different subject, “How’s that precious little Vicky doing?” She asked sarcastically. Of course Barnabas was in love with Vicky. His true love.

Something seemed off about Julia, but he suspected that she was just in pain from a headache after another night of too much drinking. When she asked about his dear Victoria, it was quite obvious by her tone that she did not really care. Still, Barnabas answered her question seriously.

"Victoria is wonderful. She is with young Master David, I presume. He has grown very fond of her. As have I, I must admit." He was smiling faintly.

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Reblog if your character is not human

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She shook her head, taking one hand within both of hers. "No, no you're not. It's not your fault and it's not Carolyn or Benjamin's faults that they're werewolves." Bri sighed and looked to his hand within her own. "And it's not my fault my dad is a god or my brother's fault that he's,..." She trailed off. "No matter what you are you're not a monster. I think you're very lovely. Much more so than any human I've ever met. Don't beat yourself up so much, okay? Please?"

He advert his eyes as she spoke to avoid eye contact. “You cannot possibly understand how wretched it is to murder unsuspecting townspeople for my own wellbeing,” he began, with a soft shake of his head. As time went on, it slowly became easier to overlook his crimes in the moment, but every once in a while he had days where he would reflect on all his wrongs and feel very guilty. “A merciless witch cursed me after I spurned her. I broke her heart. Carolyn was cursed at infancy. She may be truly innocent, but I am certainly not.”

Angelique and Barnabas- Damaged Goods-


She believed him of course, she believed every single thing that he said. This was because he hadn’t ever given her reason not to. She loved him more than anything she had ever known. She knew that what they had was difficult, but it was more than worth the drive. She had often thought herself things like this were impossible, but at the promise of having Barnabas and being able to love him without any other threat involved sounded so good she had convinced herself it could very much happen.

“We shall have to make some more time for one another,” she stated softly. She was just as guilty as he was for letting things get on top of her, when she wasn’t working she was asleep from an exhausting day, but she was determined that their relationship was worth so much more than a measly few hours sleep. When she slept she dreamt, and when she dreamt she became haunted by the events that had occurred.

That then reminded her and her eyes lit up as she reached into the pocket of her white flannel apron and pulled out a set of cufflinks for him that she had spotted when around the town. She had envisioned them in her mind, and focused so hard that when she reached into her pocket the next day there they were, she hadn’t set foot inside the shop and when she walked past the cufflinks were still there, and it secretly thrilled her that she could materialise such gifts now.. Of course she wasn’t going to tell him that though.

“I-I got these for you, I thought they would be nice to wear to a dinner,” she said softly, handing the links over to him and wringing her hands, anxious to know if he liked them or not.

At first, Barnabas was more shocked than anything by the gesture. He liked the gift and he really did appreciate the hard work it must have taken to earn the money to pay for it, but he could not believe that she would put her earnings towards him. It was not as though he needed anything new. He had everything, in comparison to Angelique, who had to live off of just the bare necessities. He was truly touched that she would be so selfless. Unfortunately, it only made him feel guiltier about feeding her lies.

“Oh, my dear, I am nearly speechless. It is lovely and what a thoughtful gesture it is, but are you absolutely certain? It must have taken weeks to earn the money to purchase this. I will refund you if it will cause you to be short this month.” Speaking about money was never a polite thing to do. That is what his father would say. Despite the advice, Barnabas wanted to make sure that she would be alright after buying him such a present. The thought of her stealing and the even more unsuspected truth, using magic, of course never came to mind.

He stared down at the cufflinks in his hand. There were many times when he wanted to give her more extravagant presents. It was true that he could give her little things, but anymore and someone would question how a servant could afford new, expensive clothing or jewelry. Perhaps one day, when he was in charge of the manor and business rather than his father, things could be a bit different for the two of them. Their relationship would have to remain a secret, but they would not have to be quite as careful. It was almost impossible to imagine a future that Angelique was not a part of in one way or another. After all, he had known her most of his life and whether or not he liked to admit it to himself, she had become an important aspect of it.


His statement sent a pang of guilt in her chest. She closed her eyes, and took in a breath.
She didn’t want him to know what she was actually doing with his blood. Of course she wasn’t doing it to hurt him. She was doing it, to have a chance with him.
He’d love her if she was what he was, right? The thought killed her. What if she did it for nothing? He would soon figure out what she was doing, and probably get angry.
She opened her eyes again, “I’ll try my hardest Barnabas,” she said looking into his coal black eyes.

He gave her a feeble smile, nodding once. “That is all I can ask of you and nevertheless, I thank you for your efforts.”  For the time being, Barnabas did not have the slightest suspicion. If he had known what she was truly doing with his blood, she would already be dead. Certainly she would not lie to him in such a way, especially not about something that was so important.

“You are my last hope, Doctor Hoffman. I hope that you understand that.” It was very possible that Barnabas would be cursed for the rest of eternity if these blood transfusions proved to be unsuccessful.

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